About Us

The team behind casinolive.at was once in the same position you find yourself. With new apps and websites popping up every day how are you supposed to figure out which one is right for you? Our passion for online gambling led us to find out what makes the best online casino, and we found live online casinos to be the best the internet has to offer. After testing hundreds of live online casinos we’ve compiled the tips and information we think gamblers will find useful in their own search. Hopefully our research can help you navigate the world of live casinos with ease!

If you are looking for the best casino app for a live casino, for example, how are you going to do it.  You can download loads of casino apps and try them all out… but that takes time doesn’t it??!  Why not go to a site that can recommend the right casino for you – based on your parameters of what makes a good casino.

Casinolive.at will make recommendations and list reviews of different online casinos which means that you can find answers to all your questions about the different online gaming companies, without having to trawl through every site to get that, often small print information, which will directly affect whether the are the right choice for you or not.

That was our goal, when coming up with this site, to save YOU time so that you can get on with what is important to you… a little bit of table action or slice of slots!!

We will just reiterate, that we are 100% in favour or responsible gambling.  Please make sure that you only gamble what you can afford to loose, that you never chase your losses and that you don’t gamble in secret.  These are our primary guidelines for remaining a happy gambler, where you stay in control of your gambling and don’t let it become more than entertainment.

sensible people gamble responsibly